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(with not-inconsiderable expertise in digital and social media marketing and project management)

The Jessica Lawless story

The first literary masterpiece to bear the name Jessica Lawless was a six-page, beautifully illustrated novella I co-wrote with my little sister. A talking feline named Felix approaches a forbidding mansion on a dark and stormy night… I would tell you what happened after that, except we made it a cliffhanger and never got around to stapling together a part two, so I don’t really know. That early success paved the way for my career as a writer. Though my fiery passion for writing about black cats and Gothic mansions has cooled, I haven’t ever lost my ardor for the shivery goodness of a well-turned phrase.

My education

Learning to craft prose so amaze it activates the central nervous system takes some doing. Through extensive, expensive education–I earned a master’s degree in professional writing and two very practical undergraduate degrees (English and psychology) from Northern Arizona University–I launched myself into a career that has content creation at its core but has expanded well beyond “just writing.”

My work experience

In my time as a full-time marketer and freelance writer, I have:

  • created successful social media marketing campaigns
  • expanded digital marketing efforts through optimized landing pages and measurement tools
  • used content strategy to plan for and produce useful, usable web content
  • managed many, many, so very many projects
  • written technical documentation, advertising copy, and feature pieces
  • served as chief copy editor for a marketing department

More from me

If you want kick-ass recipes and wildly entertaining Millenial ramblings, you’ll love my blog.